Friday, 15 November 2013


We had to make a self portrait with clay for school. And combine this with other objects. I ended up using fabric and some plastic flowers. You didn´t had to literally make yourself with clay, so it was a bit vague. 

I ended up with making layers of different forms of clay with fabric in between, decorated with the flowers. The layers would represent my personalities/attitude and emotions. Smooth/suave? emotions, raw emotions and hidden emotions. Al of these in a heap of clay and fabric. I was kind of happy with the results. Buuut I thought clay, self portrait? Why not use my own face as an object to create this.

Bottom line is, I ended up smearing my own face with clay and make funny pictures. All this for homework huza! (Which was harder then I thought because the clay wouldn't stick to my face.)

Anyho the results:

See ya around,


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